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I got to explore the difference/resemblances between inland and coastal sites, this time in Ireland as part of two artist residency programs: Shankill Castle residency (July 1stto July 19th) and Burren College of Art(July 22thto August 16th) to further my photographic research on space,placeand in-betweens. For these two residencies, I concentrated on the links I could find between inland (Shankill Castle)and coastal sites (Burren College of Art residency program)in the manner in which the landscape (both rural) is formed and developed.
These two artist residency programs did indeed further my visual research of fluctuations between both states (spaces and places) in inland and coastal areas, and that, in another country, but in a very different manner. I believe the fact that I had a car and that I only used silver gelatin …these two factors “took” me to another “place”.
I foraged the views on silver gelatine medium format around Shankill Castleand did the same when I got to Burren College of Art residency program. The second week I was in The Burren, I developed my negatives (from both residencies) and in the third week, I printed the final images (about sixty 18 x 13 cm gelatine silver prints). I then decided, in the last two days of the residency, to test different soluble mediums on the prints itself to see how it would react and what type of visual would result from these physical applications on the photographic paper. I did many tests: some I found interesting, but others, I have to rethink. Since I was in the last days of the residency, I feel that this is a new path for me and need to further the visual research of these markings on the photographic paper.  
Such is the progress of the artistic process!
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