This project was supported by 
artsnb and the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation
In this photographic work, green specks of ink are superimposed on the photographic images – that are deprived of color – suggesting “the perfect natural color”, the pure nature, the untamed nature. I see these blotches are themselves sites, as they produce lingering in-betweens waiting to be naturally re-enveloped or remodeled into a place of value. The green also represents the prevalent color in the somewhat Japanese monochrome environment as green patches appear here and there as rice fields, forests, home gardens, etc. By superimposing the green ink spots to the black and white images, a new in-between is formed as if the color is overtaking the image, but is waiting to do so. The ink can also relate to the natural elements in the land that are “tamed” by culture, but still prevail and sneak up here and there in the man-made environment. In the video, pencil lines can be seen through the ink to parallel the culturally organized sites. And the ink can be seen as the natural elements that can’t be tamed or controlled bleeping uncontrollably outside the pencil lines …just as they do in the environment. These images are therefore in a state of limbo, of in-betweens.
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